Winging to Paradise

Flying west, with aloha on my mind…

30,000 miles up, at 6:00 a.m.,with the sun hot on our trail, the patchwork of land-tracts paint a crazy quilt below. Tiny houses scattered like debris across fields and cities… Meandering rivers split the landscape, determining natural boundaries and liquid borders.

Houston sports a lovely airport and I’m thrilled with the cart that zooms me to the gate of my plane change at the far end of the terminal. Well timed for breakfast, it’s Central Standard time here. Ya’ gotta’ love salsa on scrambled eggs!

2264 miles traveled and counting, I sneak a peek (peak), cautiously lifting the closed window shade to see the Pacific below. A soft white blanket of cloud cover shrouds the view, but nothing can disguise the bright blue expanse above. My eyes are shocked into an after-image as I quickly look away. In 2 1/2 hours. I’ll be descending, past ready already, to stretch my limbs and enter a world that I once knew so well.

Hawaii, a state of mind; I have yet to drink my fill. The Big Island is offering the magic for this visit. What gifts? What adventure? Plumeria and lush foliage beckoning me to come forth to play, holding sway- urging me to live for nothing but the moment!
I feel myself morphing into Island Girl before my body touches the ground..

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