Hawaii, a state of mind

Nature is all around us, of course, always–in one form or another… but in Hawaii, it’s in your face.
There is never complete silence and yet, there is no noise.  Instead, there is a matrix of sounds–birds singing to each other and the background buzzing of bugs (I guess), never-ceasing.  It is harmonic and muted by the overall feeling of rightness and Peace.  It slips into the background and takes your worries with it.  And don’t forget the cute chirp of the occasional gecko who more than earns his keep by keeping down the cockroach community–not one creepy crawler have I seen.
At night, tree frogs create a frenzy to rival Joe Cocker. My advice is to not fight it–let the natural noises rock you to sleep. The eerie screech of the Francolin (big bird) can be disconcerting if you don’t know what it is– and don’t forget the ever-zealous cock-a-doodle-damn rooster who doesn’t understand the concept of waiting until dawn.  But all is forgiven when you wake up and remember–“oh yeah, I’m in Hawaii”, and you drift back to sleep until the sun calls you forth.
The air feels soft even when the sun is strong. Because of humidity?  It doesn’t feel sweltering, ever, because of the trade winds–the blessed trades.  Is anyone harnessing that for power?  Surely.


 Aloha is a frame of mind and it is fed by our senses.

Have I mentioned the smells?  Even when driving in city traffic, you’ll want your windows down to catch the scent of plumerias in bloom.  And I love how the ocean announces itself with that salty smell, a while before it comes into view.  I didn’t remember that the Macadamia groves have a sweet smell and who can resist the strong aroma of coffee beans, beckoning you to have a cup?

Rarely is it too hot–never as sweltering as Ohio-in-August, for instance.  Air conditioning is unusual here and the breezes gently rock you as you loosen your inner knots, allowing the Spirit of Aloha to sink in, working their magic as surely as the palm tress sway