With so much to do– getting ready for a trip, tying up loose ends at home, paying bills for when I’m gone, maintaining my busy work and grandparenting schedule– I could easily become overwhelmed.  Instead, I’ve decided to  SLOW.  DOWN. TIME.

I use this technique often—and it never lets me down.  It feels quite magical!

When I Slow Down Time I am using what I call,  The Healthy Habit Technique, a 4-step protocol for manifesting your desires.   (Ebook in the works!)


1. I stop long enough to imagine all that I want (need) to accomplish in a given amount of time.i.e..  I am seeing my self:  take a shower, hang up the wash, put on my make-up  (ATTEND)

and ready my room for my client, 5 minutes before the appointment time

2. I say “Slow Down Time.”, out loud or to silently to myself.  (INTEND)

3. Then I go into action, forgetting about the stress of getting it all done.  I just do what needs to be done without dallying—and most importantly, without worrying and doubting.  (PRETEND)

4. Voila`!  When I look at the clock as I finish the last chore, I am amazed and grateful.  It often feels like a miracle.  (DEPEND)

This often works in traffic as well.

  1. 1.See your destination in your mind.

2.Say to yourself, either outloud or silently:  “Slow Down Time”

3.Go towards your destination and don’t check the clock—it will make you crazy.

4.Arriving safely sometimes, you may find that your timing was fortuitous– missing an accident along the way or a traffic tangle that you could have been in.

If you give it a try and please share your stories.

I’ll be checking back in—but now, I must slow down time and get some packing, etc. done!

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