Have Cane, Am Able

Ok, I know that no one likes to use a cane if they don’t have to.But I also know that none of us want to give up our rich, exciting life-style, if we don’t have to either.

Perhaps the answer lies in-between.

As we age, our needs often change.  Taking care of ourselves seems to be a full-time project.  (As a massage therapist, I hear that alot–as an aging boomer, I say it a lot too.)  Sometimes I need a boost.  Sometimes getting up and down is an issue.  And sometimes, I get tired and just want to rely on a 3rd leg for support.

I am setting my intention on remaining powerful.  Using a cane, a walker or whatever is a tool of power.  it’s an aide–yes.  But it is a statement of “I am not giving up nor am I giving in… I am finding the best way to continue my quality of life with whatever makes that possible.

Besides–people are wonderful;y considerate when they feel your need.  At my most irritated–and frustrated–I have had amazing people lend a hand… standing at the bottom of the mountainous stairs, next to the “lift” which was not working in London’s >>>>, a young woman simply grabbed my 50lb suitcase and carried it to the top.  She didn’t even