Saludos from Puerto Rico!

Hot? You bet. But trade winds gentle the heat. It must be from the storm brewing, threatening to become a hurricane later this week… But today, I’m just happy to be living the life…

Vacation is a state of mind. Remember the old Star Trek episodes where the starship members would take a virtual trip, without leaving the mother ship? But in the here and now, we still use transportation to move us around, breaking neuronal circuits so we can leave our daily stresses behind with our ordinary lives.

Skittering across our path this morning was a small gecko-type lizard, out for her morning foray. Perhaps she’s hunting for breakfast or maybe she wants a gander at the latest batch of hotel guests, touristas sporting bad Spanish. Why didn’t I heed our high school counselor, advising us to take Spanish in school? The simplest communication requires creative efforts to be understood as I flounder, relying on good humor–theirs and mine.

Alluringly, baby blue skies provide backdrop for the breathtaking turquoise water, home to rainbows of fish, tropically at home here. The waves are gentle before the storm that’s sure to stir things up as it approaches. The beginning of our trip was a bit stormy as well when the airlines agent turned us away from our flight because we arrived 1 minute past the deadline for checking in our luggage–at 5:20 a.m.! “What? One minute? You’ve got to be kidding!”, we cried, as they announced our names over the p.a., urging us to board the flight. Taking it with a big dose of maturity, I restrained from kicking the counter and we drug ourselves back to the car- lot, nursing our wounds, preparing to get up even earlier (3:00a.m.)tomorrow to try it all again.

But yesterday has faded already, wiped clean by mountains ringing the island, birds I do not recognize and sublime ocean smells, reminding me I’n not in Kansas (nor Ohio) anymore. I attune to the tropics swiftly and surely. This is another reality–and I what to immerse my self thoroughly.

There’ more–much more–yet to come!
Asta la vista!

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