ReSOULutions–yay or nay?

New Year’s Resolution solution

Why make resolutions?  Are we just setting ourselves up for more stress with our expectations?

Resolution comes from the word, resolve. Maybe we should just “solve” our issues instead of re-solving them.

The solution may be in how we frame our goals and aspirations.

This year, let’s make it more fun!

Try this:

Let your (re) solution be a template for your new year.

Progress comes from baby steps. Intend that each day is a little better than the day before.

Frame your resolution in a positive way:

  • If it’s about eating, don’t think about denying yourself pleasure.                                     Avoiding temptation takes too much energy. Instead, place your intention on loving what’s good for you. Convincing your self to prefer salads is more constructive than saying that you can’t have that luscious chunk of chocolate.  


  • If it’s about procrastinating, imagine yourself to be a master of time management.  No one wants to be told to change, particularly those of us with authority issues!      

      Creating a new desire works better than denying an old one.

Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Just remember that the brain loves habit and it only takes repetition to create one.

May you find the Solution that makes your life more fun this year.

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