Puerto Rico

Nada hurricane to worry about after all… And so much to do on this lush island!

Imagine cruising the Carribean in a boat headed to a lagoon of magical sparkles flitting in the sea, seeming to reflect the glitter of stars above. Marine biologists call it chemoluminescence–plankton with pizazz (dinoflagellates)–emitting neon blue/green light, dependent on a very specific set of environmental conditions. Puerto Rico has the distinction of having 3 areas– the most in the world. cid:0006F390-E01F-4C26-A995-72C8CD734C36

Now imagine harrowing turns through tropical terrain of banana trees, giant philadendrons, sheffalera, bougavilla and crazy trucks hogging the so called road, as we kept an eye out for monkeys and tree-pigs, a type of iguanas exported as delicacy but avoided by locals (makes you wonder, doesn’t it?).

At the end of that route, stands the Aricibo telescope, the largest radio telescope in the world–Carl Sagan’s hang out. It’s quite amazing and we were privvy to the inner sanctum of computers and all manner of technology used toview and i terpret data from as far as Saturn’s gaseous rings.

One of my favorite customs is siesta-time which seems to have a profound association with Medalla, the beer brewed in Puerto Rico (and also found a Jungle Jim’s). And today is the Bacardi Rum tour– Woo hoo, Mohitos!

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