Not feeling so “seasonally bright”?

Not in the brightest of moods?

Recently, a discussion group that I belong to posed the question: What have you done to bring  joy into your life during times you don’t FEEL joyful?

I’d been wrestling with this lately because cold weather had me feeling over-dressed and frumpy—which in my experience, often leads to weight gain and poor body image. Maybe you can relate.

There must be as many strategies as there are people, but one that works for me is to—Dress the way I want to FEEL —and build on it from there.

So, I turned myself around, beginning with how I dressed each morning, choosing color instead of black, black, black and traded loose, elastic waists for skinny-pants with tunics to help me feel better about my appearance—and how I feel.

For warmth, the closest layer to my skin is silk—which gives me a thin layer beneath my sweaters so that I don’t feel so bulky and broad. Instead, I feel comforted and sexy.

Maybe it’s a ‘woman-thing” but I’m not apologizing—I’m strategizing!

One thought on “Not feeling so “seasonally bright”?

  1. Linda

    My friend Janice puts on make-up every day because it makes her feel beautiful and, also, ready for whatever comes her way. Another friend makes her bed every day, first thing because 1) it gives her a sense of being in control of her life and 2) it keeps her from going back to bed. Funny how our actions affect our mood. Me, I have a sign above my computer that says “Don’t believe everything you think.”

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