New YORK–oh yeah!

New York! New York!

Crime and grime?
I think not. Oh, there’s garbage along the street all right and unsavory smells every so often– yes, we lock the car doors as we drive through town but that’s nothing compared to the dazzling color of life teeming within.

We’re actually driving around the city, playing dodgem’ with cars and bikes and hide and seek for scant parking places (Never let it be said we are without courage and verve for adventure!)– truly, we’re learning the lay of the land. And in this tricky driving situation, 3 heads make it easier than 1–a driver, a navigator and someone for comic relief as we try to understand what exactly our GPS is trying to tell us as we head across yet another toll bridge from the wrong lane!

With SnaZZy fashion ever on my mind, I notice less color than when I was in the Caribbean but shoes and bags make up for it with style. Swiftly and surely these women seem made for those wedges and high priced heels.

Above the madding crowd exists a park where once a railway existed. It’s called the High Line. It’s a green space that seems counter intuitive to the city scape, offering delightful respite with views of the bay on one side and city streets on the other. Moving the car a few times, to avoid the pitfalls of pricey tickets, we settled into a spot near the Chelsea Market and rode the elevator to the park above. “This is a city you can get lost in–a place to be anonymous and free to just Be… “, I was thinking, when suddenly I heard someone calling, “Gini … Rebekah…”. What? Who could know us here? It was Mary–our friend (and SnaZZy gal) from Oxford! What are the chances?!!

So we’re off to scour resale shops to see what magic happens today… Wide open, I’m sure we’re on a path sure to suit our fancy

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