Morphing from Optimistic to Optimystic

Learning to be Optimistic–> Optimystic

One of the lessons my Mother taught me was to couple a bad experience with a fun-filled one.  What I didn’t realize until I was much older is that “optimistic attitude” is also known as “the law of attraction”–maybe you’ve seen or read, The Secret or material by Deepak Chopra and Louisa Hay?  It’s the same law working for each of us.

Having polio put that to test more than once.


I can remember yearly trips to get fitted for braces at a machine shop attached to Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati–about 40 miles from my rural hometown.    I had a lump in my throat all the way there because I hated it so much.  There was a metallic smell of oil and a man with a big dirty leather apron who would stepkindly from behind the counter to fit me.  He had a kind attitude and was gentle as he measured and worked with the leather straps and fittings meant to hold my legs straight, giving me strength to walk. That made it even harder to choke back the tears—I didn’t want to wear those big, clunky, heavy shoes with those heavy, cold steel rods.  It was a reminder  that I was  different and it felt all wrong.   i tried not to complain because I knew even then that it hurt my mother to see me cry.  But I was miserable.

And then…  she would gather me into the car and say, “Ok, Let’s go to our favorite restaurant,—Sugar ’N Spice!  After that we would go to a Cinerama movie to see something amazing like—The Wonderful World of the Brothers’ Grimm or Paint Your Wagon or Dr. Zchivago—and then, we’d go shopping!    (Aha!  That’s where I got my passion for shopping!)

Morphing from Optimistic to Optimystic

As I matured, I became more interested in the mystic sciences–astrology, ouija boards, meditation and chanting.  It was then that I began learning to be “optimystic” , recognizing coincidences and synchronicities which happened so often that I’d be crazy to believe them to be “just pure luck”.  That makes even less sense than thinking there must be some sort of cause and effect afoot.

I realized that my attitude–my mood–seemed to call experiences to me.  If I was depressed and down, it all got worse.  If I got happy and rose above–things would flow better –winning things and having good luck.  I began watching those around me and saw that I wasn’t the only one.

And I’ve learned to trust “timing”, making peace with the flow instead of tying to superimpose my version of how things should go.  I can only manage my own reactions–not others–so I take measures to be accepting yet discriminating.

For instance,  when I realize that I have more to do than time to do it in, as often happens, I say out-loud:  SLOW DOWN TIME  and I imagine all that I want to accomplish.  Then I let go of the worry. I don’t check the clock anymore after that–until I’m done.   I just get going, doing one thing (or more) at a time and not engaging in panic nor doubt that it’s going to get done.

And Voila`–it works!   Saving me from stress and undo panic.  

Acceptance + Intention =>  Good timing!

Try it for your self?

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