Malmö, Sweden

Sweden and Copenhagen’s
Oresund Bridge
Malmo (pronounced, Malme), Sweden, is just over the bridge from Copenhagen– so we thought, “Why not?”
Little did I realize just how significant the Oresund Bridge was and how recently it had been built–only 20 years ago–because the issues seem insurmountable.A little Geography: Denmark and Sweden are separated by the Øresund Strait, one of three Danish Straits that connect the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, making it one of the busiest waterways in the world.The engineering is crazy/amazing, even by my layperson standards and deserves viewing for deeper understanding: is a double decker, hosting auto traffic as well as trains– which was our choice–traveling above and below the cold northern sea in a mere 35 minutes–quite anticlimactic compared to the engineering it took to complete it.

Another impressive consideration is how these 2 countries had to cooperate and work out logistics, not to mention building a man-made island and digging a canal system to transport the steel and cables it took to make our ride so pleasant. They even speak completely different languages, while using different electrical and plumbing systems.

Sweden needed jobs and Copenhagen needed more affordable housing; it’s a win-win. And tourists get easy access to an exotic part of the world.ö

Oh! Wait until you hear about the authentic Swedish Baths– where clothing is NOT optional!

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