Madrid! Now I get it!







It seems like a dream that I’m back in Madrid. Yes, I count my Blessings–travel is high on the list..


This time, Madrid is sinking in. This time, I see the sparkle and shine of it all.
Much of this trip’s impression is from staying in city-center. It’s quaint; it’s edgy.  !Que guay! (that’s cool).


Living in the outskirts last year (Getalfe), I didn’t have such access. Here, near Sol, there are shops lining the streets between our airbnb and the beckoning cafes on every corner—literally. Mid-day siesta makes evening shopping a grand adventure. People are out-and-about, the antithesis of being couch potatoes, dulled-out, watching the tube, waiiting for sleep to steal the night.


Tapas are popular here because most Spaniards have lunch as their largest meal so Tapas + wine seems just the thing for mid-evening—maybe that’s why obesity is not obvious here. Walking in my ‘hood, within a 1/4 mile radius, I had at least 20 choices for Tapas bars or restaurants—I chose La Cueva de La Tina. My choice was mostly due to finding a menu also written in English.


Even so, I thought that I was getting a quick grilled cheese sandwich—though I did make out that 6 cheeses were involved. Thet and Sangria sounded like just the thing. But when it was delivered, I was delighted by the round mini-loaf, filled in the carved out center with molten cheeses, blended to perfection. Oh dear—I’ve been over-doing the bread since I got here—I’ll just have to walk it off!


The chef walked by, hearing my exclamation as I savored the flavor. “You like it?” “Oh yes!”
It turns out that he is Jose, from Mexico and the recipe was concocted by the owner. Struggling not to finish it off right then, I was gauche enough to ask to have some “to go”—not favored by Europeans.

But now, I have lunch for today!











Unfortunately, I did not work-out as much prior to this trip as I’d planned. And I feel it. My legs are not as strong as I would like—but I have remedies for the road:


-Magnesium to avoid spasms and fatique
-Leg Stretches for quads and hamstrings, both!
-Enough water
-Walk at a speed that encourages a steady stride
-I take a cane—just in case                                                                                            (using a cane is the new sexy for mature people—that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)



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