Last Day in Spain


On this last day in Spain,  I’m reviewing my visits here…
The colors that I associate with Spain are blue and orange–the sky and all the tiled roofs and buildings.
All things Spanish seem to be of terra cotta and marble– lots of marble:  marble floors, marble walls, tiles of marble, stairs of marble– slippery when wet–cool in the heat– resilient yet breakable. Ancient and beautiful, what is older than stone?
Like agates, each piece is a work of art…

Though, the true prize seems to be the unmarred– whitest of white– a sculptor’s delight and yet I prefer the colored and striated, created by nature–recording experiences of the elements—true markings of time– more practical than gold.
My time here is waning.
So many sights and insights–I marvel at culture and people and history with hope in my heart.
It’s a step out of time, being away and on the move.  But as I make-ready, I become excited about returning–coming home–gathering with family and friends.

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