Kindness in the Subway

Ellioto is a mass-transit-kind-of traveler.  He loves the hunt, the economy and the expediency.  So when we travel, taxis and Uber, etc. are considered only when public transport doesn’t make sense.  Sometimes we rent a car but usually we (he) study the maps and figure it out.

Grumpy when the elevators/lifts/escalators aren’t working, I grudgingly pull my weighty luggage and feel quite sorry for myself.

Often—not just occasionally—someone comes to the rescue.  I’ve had a young girl pick up my suitcase and deposit it at the top of the stairs as she hurried to catch her ride in London’s underground—not even looking back to catch my thanks;  we had a rabbi turn around and take us in the opposite direction in order to ensure our safe passage;   once a young Turkish student intervened in our discussion to advise us that we were headed for the wrong train;  people who don’t even speak our language have offered us their cell phones and personal aide; in Istanbul, as we were trying to decipher a map, someone called from their passing vehicle, “Do you need any help?”.

It goes on and on…

My point is three-fold:

  1. People are kind.  Most people are.
  2. How often do I (we) reach out to foreign people in our country?
  3. When I quit feeling sorry for myself, and go with the flow—I receive so much more. Not only am I blessed but I pass that along to them as I thank them with my heart.

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