Blissed and Blessed
You may know that I once lived in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu which is best known and the location for its capital, Honolulu.  This trip however begins in Kauai, the northern most and oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, located in the middle of the expansive Pacific Ocean.
It doesnt’ take long to understand why it is called, the garden isle.  It could just as easily be known as the “Red Isle”, named after the amazing color of dirt, due to the presence of iron oxide that was belched from the volcanic events in ancient times.  In fact, the Hawaiian Islands are all the by-products of planet Earth’s inner turmoil, a boiling cauldron ripe for release.

Millions of years is all that it takes for the sun to green it up, creating the jewel upon which I now sit.
This is whale season–the time when the mighty but gentle Humpbacks take their yearly vacation from polar waters to breed and give birth as they fast, living off their fat reserves , giving the tourists a not-so-cheap thrill.  The locals, of course, take it in stride, but I for one, have spent the better part of my morning, giggling and cheering the show, watching 3 giants breach the surface, throwing their massive bulk into the air!  More often, they can be seen turning tail towards the shore, with a wave to ardent observers–like me.
After only 2 days, my heart is in sync with the ebb and flow of the waves. Like my breath it come and goes without cease.  It’s an assurance to me that there is something divine, beyond our understanding–that no matter the condition of our politics or the strife we create or the science we use to investigate, the ebb will always follow the flow.


And the colors of turquoise and aquamarine against the rusty soil are intense relief to the never-ending blue sky that must make even the most accomplished artist weep to capture its ever-changing mood. But then, how does one capture Heaven, after all?

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