Heartitude in the New Year

The Art of Heartitude.

Did I make that word up? It was on my mind as I surfaced from delicious deep sleep on the snow-crisp, cold morning of the newest year to date, 2018.

Heartitude: n., the state of having a heart-felt attitude; a feeling of love; an opening the heart chakra; use of love and compassion in decisions and relationships.

January 1, 2018. Wow.

I slept in this morning—because I could.
Designating January 1st as ‘my day”, I have been taking liberties with my personal choices —what to do, when and how. Freedom is an elixir. A good way to start a year, methinks.

Taking stock, I’m excited about the year to come because I completed many things on my resolution (re-SOUL-ution) list last year. Accomplishing goals is like a cocktail of adrenaline mixed with satisfaction—momentum for what’s next.

And I’m feeling courageous after the rather difficult holidays, leaving our family a little bruised. I’m using pain and disappointment to deepen some bonds and loosen others.
Priorities fall into place and my path looks more clear.

Where does Heartitude fit in?
My plan is to become more conscious of using my heart, filled with love and compassion in my daily interactions until it becomes my norm—the way I behave (be have) without having to remember my intention. My vision is to become what I wish to see in the world—wasn’t that the gist of a famous Ghandhi quote?

That would include how I approach myself as well. It seems that a goal like that would innately include an attitude of wellness and good health choices.

And politics—that will be a challenge. How will I soften my attitude and lose my judgement? Can I bring heartitude into the political situation? I have faith that I can. I’ve banished bad feelings before. I’ve transformed hate into compassion but I have been lazy about it lately.

How will I go about it?
Meditation—when in doubt, meditate—a notion that has always served me well.
Repetition—mindfulness is a process that gets easier with practice.
Be Open to LOVE—looking for reasons and people to practice on
Faith—belief in the process leading to the goal

It sounds a lot like my Healthy Habit Technique (yep, it’s in my book).

On the light side, I came up with a good recipe when hunger called—and it’s in line with the New Year tradition.


To those who are reading this, i wish you the best the New Year can bring. I wish you Love and Peace and Happiness along your path. I’m grateful for you.

In heartitude for the new year…

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