Hawaii, The Big Island

Hawaii is the proper name for the Big Island, the largest in the chain.  It is also the youngest island and is gaining mass as Kilauea spits, spews and flows towards and into the Pacific Ocean.  Four other volcanoes have long ago blown their tops, but only Kohala, erupting about 60,000 years ago is considered extinct.  
While exploring off the beaten path–where tourists rarely tread, we met friendly locals who told us about Uncle Bob’s Night Market.  It’s at the end of the road that leads to a black beach–which is a very good study on how Nature is a work in process.  Lava flows then the air cools it into stone,  subject to time and erosion which further breaks it into smaller chunks and pieces.  It’s hard yet porous, sometimes you see colors–rusty red or copperish green.  The geology of the Big Island rocks (pardon the pun).
I don’t want to make light of how devastating it is to lose your home forever to an erupting volcano.  It’s very humbling to stand where a village once stood.  It seems fitting that Uncle Robert’s family would want to bring aloha back to the Earth in this elemental place where Nature will change again.  Already plants poke their heads between lava rocks–some planted by naturalists but many grow wild, unable to resist growing towards the light.
What started out as family gatherings has grown to provide good local music, dancing, crafts and art, incredible local food, a tiki bar, and friendly people –a throw-back to my hippy upbringing. 
You know that SnaZZy is ever on my mind and I found some locally made skirts and jewelry that I didn’t resist.  And that’s just the beginning…  I know the best resale shops on the island and tomorrow we go to Waimea.  (I believe each of the islands has a Waimea, which means reddish water. )
This one is a coyboy town (paniolo), heavily influenced by the Parker Ranch.`

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