Fürth–who knew?


Yay!  We decided to take in one more little town before flying back home.  Near the Nuremberg Airport is Fuerth (pronounced, Furt), a town that Ellioto had visited before; he thought that I might like it.


Oh yes–  I loved it the moment I stepped into the quaint little hotel lobby.  Although part of the Quality Inn group— it’s called, Hotel Bavaria and has all the markings of a boutique hotel—including a brand new sauna—European style. Quite nice.  Large and sturdy, wood-framed windows opened into the night, lit softly by the street-lights, inviting in the old world charm.

It’s always a good idea to eat where the locals do—so we followed the advice of the desk manager and went down the street to Zu den Sieben Schwaben.


It turns out that this restaurant has historical significance— on the ceiling is a painting which reads, ““Whether Heid, Jud or Christ, in what is thirsty!”, “Wunderdocktor all alone, is the beer and the wine.”, meaning that it served anybody who is thirsty, regardless of religion or creed.  Somehow, it was preserved during the Nazi era.

Spatzle —not your mama’s mac and cheese!  (your grandmother’s, perhaps)

Yum.  Incredible. I ate every bite of my spatzle/cheese dish, letting go of the cringe I’ve developed when eating so many empty carbs—it was delicious!  I’m going to attempt to reconstruct it for my next SnaZZy Threads Boutique Open House.

Lovely Park.


Feeling the need to bring back some fun clothes before I left Germany, I found an upscale “2nd hand shop” on Yelp.  Cutting through the park between the hotel and the boutique made the day ab-soul-utely magical.  The morning was dew-fresh and soft with an unworldly mist hugging the grass, enveloping the trees.  Discovering a pond, we walked quietly to better blend with the surroundings: ducks bobbing; birds twittering, a jogger passing through…


I was thoroughly charmed even before we approached the color splashed windows of the resale shop—and even more lit up to find such treasures within.



I chatted with the owner who confided that this was her passion—not her career.  Relating to her on many levels, we did what women love best—we bonded and laughed.

   (Shop:  Einzelstuck)

She told me of a cafe` where she suggested that I have my “auf wiedersehen milcha kaffee”, (dark roast coffee w/ frothy milk) before Ellioto and I departed, later that day.

“Ah oh—I just gave you all my euros!”  And no one takes credit cards.

She smiled and pulled 5 Euros out of the cash box and said, “Have something good on me.”




The best!




Next SnaZZy Threads Open House:        Wednesday, November 15, noon-6:00 p.m.

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