Day 1, Living my Resolutions

Roots—highly underrated.

I was struck by the profound strength and stability underlying a grove of trees when a national forest ranger described the floods in the late 1800’s, caused by cutting down too many trees along the Hudson and Shenandoah Rivers at Harper’s Ferry.  It’s all about the roots inter-woven and dense, holding the soil together.  I’d never considered that before.  It was an “aha moment”, as I connected the physical reality to the psychological one.  No wonder we are stronger in numbers.

 Mistaking their blunder, the pioneers replanted the trees but imagine how much time it took to re-establish enough roots to hold the soil on the banks along the shore–come hell and high water!


This morning I went back to Yoga class after a lazy period—longer than I care to admit.

The instructor used the metaphor of being rooted to the floor.  Taking it one-step beyond, I imagined the roots that the entire group could put down–beneath the floor, interweaving and making us stronger as a whole.  I drew on that image to create a feeling of being held in place, until I became accustomed to balancing as I held the position.  It gave me strength and confidence.

It was then that I was reminded of yesterday’s New Year’s resolution—to carry with me a feeling of Heartitude—which in turn reminded me of a dream from earlier this morning.  I didn’t like the dream—I was surly and curt with someone who was trying to tell me what to do—and how to do it.

Oh dear. A control-issue dream.  I admit to squirming a bit when faced by authority.

Humor saves me.  Alas, it has become a useful tool.  Once I see my folly, I’m able to chuckle to myself about my vulnerabilities and then let it go.  Letting it go allows me to flow beyond it—or above it.

Paradox:  We can find higher ground by making our roots deeper.

I adore a good paradox!

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