Copenhagen, Day 2 out and about by myself

Copenhagen has a great metro system– clean, economical, and simple to use. It runs 24 hours (!) and is handicap accessible–great news after losing my walking stick somewhere in London’s Heathrow Airport, during our plane change! I felt quite comfortable exploring on my own, equipped with my trusty traveling apps, Translator and Converter– both free, on my iPhone.


The weather has been surprisingly moderate, considering this northern latitude of 55′, which is the same as the Alaskan Peninsula! It’s late September, and the trees have yet to turn.

Of course I am clued into their clothing styles– which run a gambit from colorful and unique to black, black and more black. Blue jeans? Not so much. Sneakers are the norm and flats or low heels are prevalent too. Maybe the boots just haven’t come out of their closets yet in such mild, light-jacket temps of 50’s and 60’s.

I was told that I must check out an area called Christiania– also called Freetown because it was formed as a counter culture neighborhood in 1971, as its residents squatted in deserted military barracks, seeking autonomy and a stability based upon their own values.

The community even has a kindergarten and encourages tourists to drift through their market place but they have a well defined set of rules, including no photographs. It had a throw-back to the 60’s feeling as I drifted among the market of imported jewelry and fabrics, Indian,Indonesian, etc. bit the highlight was at night when the night lights emphasized the magic feeling these people have managed to create. The colored lights, soft music and incense in the air made it difficult to walk back into the 21stcentury, just a few blocks away.

Next blog is about Street Food, yet another well kept Copenhagen secret delight!
Stay tuned for more…


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