Colombia–Last night, near Medellin Airport

We had a hotel close to the airport, convenient for our early morning flight. Across the street was an adorable open air Colombian restaurant, where party lights twinkled from the low pitched, thatched roof. Salsa music was in the air and Ellioto and I wanted just one more night of South American flavor.


Everyone picks up on Ellioto’s openness and the owner of the restaurant was taking good care to make us feel welcome. We were having a good time already when a young swarthy man with a guitar arrived. E whispered to him that it was my birthday and he serenaded me in Spanish with what might have been a birthday song. Then he came over and pulled me up to salsa.

I love to dance but Salsa is a sore point with me. Trying to adapt my polio feet to that quickened beat has dissolved me into tears, ruining my good time more than once, so I begged off. But he took my hands, looked into my eyes and said, “It’s easy!”, and began to count the beat softly into my ear–“One, two; one, two” and I followed his strong lead.

And I got it! I really got it. He pulled E over to take my hand and continued counting, ” One, two; one, two” and we danced under the light of his smile. He told us that his name is “David Lebron, number 1 Salsa man”. Sure enough, he’s on You Tube–with the same engaging attitude that made us feel like we had made a new friend.  (link)

We ordered yet another version of the arepa, sampled the Argentina Red wine and laughed the night away with folks who didn’t speak our language… But the music, the smiles and the camaraderie was enough to send us home with a good feeling of Colombia!

Oh yes, I brought back some good finds… Come see and join the fun Wednesday, September 21 from noon until 6:00.

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