Blogging in Colombia: Manna for the Senses


I See…

Medellin, a city of 3 million filling a valley and sprawling up the encircling foothills of the Andes Mountains. During the day, the colors are warm orange, foliage green and light baby blue. On the eighth floor, our room is level with the distant mountains, offering a birds’ eye view of the lush growth filling all the available space between and above the teeming array of terra cotta apartments, tenements and shacks. Thus far I have not seen 1 solitary home.  They are tucked away somewhere, out of view.  

The metro system unites the villages above city-proper with cable cars like ski lifts dangling above the metal roofs which are often held in place (or not) by stacks of bricks, old tires and garbage bags full of what– I can only guess. It is surreal when you are  floating in the air, so far removed.



People, people, everywhere… Walking, bicycling, crazy wild on motorcycles, hanging out of impossibly crowded busses, standing-room-only on the metro, and disappearing into yellow taxis swarming all over the place! Even in jammed-up traffic, I am impressed with the lack of road rage– never a harsh word, have I heard.


Fruit of the Vine

Old World Wine Country

Packing into Jim and Leslie’s car, the 5 of us set out for wine country, up-country style.  North of Mondovi, the drive gets steep and the scenery is breath-taking as the vineyards create patchwork-patterns below.

Each vineyard has a villa, it seems, and a label to call its own.  In one of the favored towns, we had ample samples of that fermented grape juice and marveled at the elegant taste of each one.  Again, it was difficult to find food with vegetables–meat dominates the northern climes–but olive oil, bread and cheese suits me fine.

Taking a day to stop for pictures, laughing with old friends awhile exploring God’s green earth is just another one of my favorite things.

Chink, chink… (the sound of glasses toasting)…