Italy’s Milano

Why do Americans shorten the city’s name to Milan? If the name has been Milano all these centuries, who are we to change a name? Wouldn’t that be like calling “Ohio”, “Ohi”?

It is a grand adventure, coming to Europe for the first time. Long awaited, I marvel that the trees, countryside and people look much the same–was I expecting Oz and orange poppies? Or people with Spock’s pointed ears, perhaps? I probably have “naive American” painted all over my face (it occurs to me that only 1 letter separates “naive” from “native”, after all).

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Puerto Rico

Nada hurricane to worry about after all… And so much to do on this lush island!

Imagine cruising the Carribean in a boat headed to a lagoon of magical sparkles flitting in the sea, seeming to reflect the glitter of stars above. Marine biologists call it chemoluminescence–plankton with pizazz (dinoflagellates)–emitting neon blue/green light, dependent on a very specific set of environmental conditions. Puerto Rico has the distinction of having 3 areas– the most in the world. cid:0006F390-E01F-4C26-A995-72C8CD734C36

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How do you know when you’ve been “islandized” (island-eyes-ed)?
1. You drive at least 10 miles under the speed limit.
2. You don’t care what time it is.
3. You feel naked without flowers in your hair.
4. You stop for donkeys, wild turkeys, and feral goats crossing the road.
5. You find yourself saying, “Is that another waterfall under that rainbow?
6. You start wondering if you should take up the ukulele and begin to want to mix it in with your rock and roll!

It’s been quite an adventure…

What to give back?

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