Aloha baby!

What makes Hawaiian clothes special? Colors, comfort and fabric design. (Our very own Rebekah Powers once designed Aloha fabrics forTori Richards, one of Hawaii’s most prominent shirt makers.) Mu Mus can be habit forming and are encouraged as business wear as are Aloha shirts on “Aloha Friday” each week.

Refortifying from all that shopping, we stopped for Kona coffee to sip as we wound (talk about the long and winding road”!) our way to Puola’s Polo Lu lookout– in N. Kohala. At the very end of the hairpin road is an amazing view through the misty clouds of the coast far below. The photo does not do it justice.

We stopped in Havi for lunch at Bamboo’s, a great little restaurant that has been there for decades.-Mahi Mahi with sweet slaw and Wasabi mayo anyone?

As we retraced the spiraling road back towards home, we followed a rainbow most ot the way. I wonder if Menehunes, the little people in Hawaiian folklore, look for treasure at the end of rainbows? Rainbows like these–double and triple– are treasure enough!

Then back the long trek to “our mountain”, Mauna Kea, which had once been a powerful volcanoe too and has the famous W.M. Keck Observatory at its pinnacle– and snow is there now too! I’m told that thousands of years ago there was a lake there; the locals are excited to see the snow.

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