Alone time on an exotic island –exquisite!


On a day alone–on an exotic foreign island, what do you like to do?
Talk about delicioso!  Time to breathe, create and exercise!


Ellioto is touring the Observatario del Teide  (Teide Observatory),  7,840 feet above sea level!  The mild and consistent weather goes far in making this a great site (pardon the pun) for a radio telescope searching the skies.   
So I have a day of solitude in a terrace apartment, top-floor– just me and the birds.  (Im not totally convinced that these Canary islands weren’t really named for these little warblers.)  
I’m blogging as I go…
 I’d hoped for a bright and sunny day to take in some Vitamin D, whiling my time on the outside terrace.
But when opting for rentals in high places, you surrender to the whims of the weather, like emotions that seem to surface unbidden at unwanted times.   Today, the wind is active, adding drama as it howls and whistles through the French doors, opened just a crack so I don’t entirely miss the exotic trade winds.  It’s exciting and relaxing at the same time.  Quite conducive to a nap!


The view is obstructed by the occasional wraith-like clouds passing over and surrounding me,  unaware that I even exist.  Gliding westward, they become indistinguishable from the ocean as water meets water.
Perspective is a lesson in such a place-both physically and mentally, methinks.
Last night, I argued that the lights we saw in the distance had to be stars.  
This morning I see that when you are looking from an elevated perspective, the horizon stretches out further –making it appear higher in the distance than it looks at sea level.
Yet I was so sure- a good lesson about what we call reality- it’s is all about perspective.
And time is another perspective– sometimes it flies and sometimes it crawls.  I’m eager to see how this time-out kind of day behaves!
Coffee, my standby (I usually pack my own-I’m guilty of being picky.)
1/2 papaya, locally grown, seeds scooped out and eaten from its own skin
1 banana, sliced onto the papaya where the seeds had been
Left-over Muesli, 3/4 cup, cooked yesterday and mixed with lemon / lime yogurt
(FYI: European yogurt is runnier than U.S.)
A good time to work out the kinks that come from traveling in the miniature car in traffic– a little stressful, for sure.
And I carry a tool or two to help me exercise and to relieve tight knots.



Ah… feeling better already!

Hydrate!  Yes, I am doing that too.  We are using bottled water here–when in doubt, we play it safe.

Catch-up time  on Blogging, Emails, etc.- one of my Big goals!
Nap-time!  Hour or so.
Lunch-delicious and nutritious
2 Canary tomatoes-small, full of flavor;  Chopped.
1 1/2 oz  nice hard cheese; Chunked
1 T White beans (Alubia, here in Tenerife)-2 T would be better!
2 perfect olives 
1 pickled garlic clove (comes in the jar of olives)
Dash of coarse salt
Sprinkle of coriander
Black Pepper
Just a few more stretches;  a little dancing to Youtube’s Canary salsa
Ahi.  Bueno–  I needed that!  (Spanglish is when you combine Spanish and English and hope you get your point across.)
Hey!  How about another nap?  Why not?  It’s my party.   Plus, I’m getting old(er), right?  Take latitude when necessary-that’s one of my increasingly numerous mottos!





I would like your help:  I made a self-care-on-the-go VIDEO on You Tube.  Your feedback would help me decide how–and if–to proceed.
Self-care a go-go

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