Ah Paris, Montmartre

Stuck in Paris

What would you do if your boyfriend mistakenly took the keys to the Airbnb and you were stuck in the apartment all day?

Ok, I am not going to panic– I’m safe and warm in a quaint little studio, complete with a private garden, wifi, interesting reading (in French), a loaf of crusty bread, French cheese and a 1/2 bottle of good red wine– how bad can it be?

I could:
1. Take a nap and wait to explore in the evening, knowing things stay open late
2. Do a little Yoga– my best friend has a series she’s introducing on You Tube (Rebekah Powers)
3. Catch up on my research and reading
4. Write some letters
5. Take a nap– did I say that already?
6. Blog, baby, blog

So… I think I will peruse the little garden out my back door and do all of the above!

C’est une bonne idee’, oui?

(My French is coming back to me!)