I hate being cold!

I hate being cold.

I mean, I really hate it.

It deters me from personal improvement–and that’s a fragile commitment as it is.

Drafty floors and Yoga?  Not so much.

And daily moisturizing seems to be a warm-weather affair.  Cold lotion on my already chilled skin is like torture and I am loathe to do it.

Idea!   I will place the lotion bottle–(Neutragena Emulsifying Lotion–is my favorite of all time– and this was not a paid plug), under my electric blanket!  Genius!

Maybe I’ll just keep it there all Winter long.
You do what you gotta` do, sometimes, right?

Morphing from Optimistic to Optimystic

Learning to be Optimistic–> Optimystic

One of the lessons my Mother taught me was to couple a bad experience with a fun-filled one.  What I didn’t realize until I was much older is that “optimistic attitude” is also known as “the law of attraction”–maybe you’ve seen or read, The Secret or material by Deepak Chopra and Louisa Hay?  It’s the same law working for each of us.

Having polio put that to test more than once.

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