Top 20 Travel List

Packing is never easy so we came up with a list to guide us. Most things are common sense–but others require some forethought.

Top 20 Checklist:

1. Call your credit card companies so they don’t thwart your spending.

2. Currency of the country you are visiting– and some back up cash, just in case you need extra. (tip: some countries–such as Turkey and Germany don’t cater to credit cards–plus, you’ll want cash for those great markets, wherever you go)

3. Identification: International travel requires a passport– make sure to take photocopy and keep it in a separate place, “just I case”.  If you are traveling with someone, it’s good idea to give them a photocopy too.

4. Jacket or wrap for the airport and plane– (why are they so cold?!) I even stuff a pair of sox in my purse for the ride.

5. Neck pillow for long or red eye flights

6. Water bottle so you can fill it on the other side of security

7. Recharge cords and plug adapters (Don’t forget–foreign countries use different voltage than we do.  It’s possible to find combination-plugs.)

8. Snacks– you know how skimpy the food is and pricey!

9. Tennis ball or hand-ball to avoid sciatic leg pain — placing it on your seat so you can relieve gluteal compression can offer relief when you really need it.  Even better is a 5″ solid ball that you can cut in half and sit on squarely, helping your gluteals and S.I. joints align properly.

10. Make-up and small mirror for touch-ups– after a long flight, this perks me up like nothing else.

11. IPad, phone and or laptop and cords–how did we manage without them?

12. Sinus meds– especially if you are susceptible to your ears not clearing. Trying to pop your ears when cruising at lower altitudes is awful. Once both of my ears stayed closed for 3 hours and I was miserable.

13. Vitamins– especially C and zinc to protect you from everyone else’s germs

14. Aspirin

15. Toothbrush, floss and paste

16. Rain hat or umbrella

17. Optional: Hair care preferences (I often like what hotels provide)

18. Hand-held Luggage scales: Not all airlines have the same allowances, so you may have to transfer your cargo between suitcases when switching carriers. *Check in advance to avoid confusion and panic situations.

19. Purse within a purse: I carry a large purse for all the above accoutrements and have a smaller, easier to handle bag for my money, credit card, I.D. and boarding passes –for easy access.

20. Optional: my favorite walking stick or cane– you never know when you might need it when the going gets tough.

And so, I am at the Dayton, Ohio International Airport, making ready for the next adventure. From here to D.C. to London to Copenhagen… Oh my! I hear the shopping is terrific.
Someone’s got to do it– and I am happy to oblige!

Wish me luck!