On my own in Milano, Italy!

My travel companions headed back to the U.S. this morning, so I decided hour heck out new territory. Having met so many people who get around in foreign countries alone, surely I could figure out the train system and have a solitary adventure…

Except for being sent to the wrong platform and waiting for a train that never showed up, it went pretty well. Milano is a 50 minute ride on the Malpensa Express to Central Station–a good way to see the countryside or take a quick nap at the end of the day (I did both).

Debarking, I was amazed at the size of Stazione Centrale, the 2nd largest railway station in the world (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milano_Centrale_railway_station)

Which way to explore? My SnaZZy instinct was right-on because within 6 or 7 blocks, I was in a high end shopping district, suitable for ‘people-watching’ and bringing home fresh fashion ideas.

Here’s what I observed:

•Many Italians have short legs and longer torsos, so tall shoes woke well.
• Black eye make up that makes me feel under made up!
•Red,of any, nail polish
•Pants with small cuffs
•”Suits” ride bikes and Vespas
•More People walk arm in arm–both sexes, all ages
•Black boots
•Lots of smoking
•Cell phones, of coursE
•Multi layers (3 are fashionable) with shorter ones on top
•High heels with short socks and high boots with higher socks
•Large bags of all sorts but lovely colors in leather
•People walk fast in Milano !
•Dogs on leashes
•Skinny jeans
•Flowing gauchos in fabulous prints

All that observation is thirsty work–‘guess I’ll have a cappuccino before my vino.