Picture perfect Hawaii

Hawaii cool…

Living 1/2 way up Mauna Kea (the world’s tallest mountain when measured from the ocean floor) is surprisingly moderate with a bit of a chill at times. But if i wait a little while as the sun lifts the cloud cover, i feel the kiss of the sun on my skin and the thaw from this past difficult and arduous Winter..

It’s so green this time of year that it’s easy to think it’s always this lush; I’m lucky enought to be here before the dry season has its way. Perfect feng shui is mountains behind and water below. Breezes blow and birds are happy in song. I’d forgotten that Cardinals have found their way here but since they are the Ohio State bird, I feel an affinity with their good sense.

My friends are centrally located between Hilo and Kona–which direction to explore next?
Tune in tomorrow and see…

Aloha! Indeed.

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