How do you know when you’ve been “islandized” (island-eyes-ed)?
1. You drive at least 10 miles under the speed limit.
2. You don’t care what time it is.
3. You feel naked without flowers in your hair.
4. You stop for donkeys, wild turkeys, and feral goats crossing the road.
5. You find yourself saying, “Is that another waterfall under that rainbow?
6. You start wondering if you should take up the ukulele and begin to want to mix it in with your rock and roll!

It’s been quite an adventure…

What to give back?

Following a grueling Winter, with loved ones passing away, troubled times begetting grievous minds, I thank God and my good friends here for this healing respite.

This bounty of Nature patches my worn spots. The Hawaiian-Reggae music reprograms my spirit, while the vivid colors enliven my soul!

And what can I give back? What gift have I worthy of this blessing?

“JOY”, comes the answer, swiftly. And I bow to such Wisdom…already seeing it reflected in the eyes of those I meet- like waves never skipping a beat. Exponentially, joy is shared, multiplied and spreads, filling and full-filling the world. Good reason to travel far and wide, I say!

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